INTEZAAR – Bollywood-Suspense-Horror Film Intezaar Ready For Release Starring Man Singh And Priyanka Singh

INTEZAAR  – Bollywood-Suspense-Horror Film Intezaar Ready For Release Starring Man Singh And Priyanka Singh

Bollywood latest updates upcoming film Intezaar ke sath… Intezaar suspense horror zoner ki film hai isme lead cast me ACID fame lead Priyanka Singh aur Man Singh najar aayege… Intezaar film Puri tarah se ready hai aur bahut jald  darshako ke bich me aayegi… Actor man Singh isme ek catholic look me najar aayege jo pichle film ACID me muslim charecter me the… Man Singh ke charecter ka name Nail hai, ye charecter bahut intresting hai…Alia ke charecter me Priyanka najar aayegi…jinhone ACID me apne acting se logo bahut impress kiye the aur isme usse bho jyada challenging role play ki hai priyanka Singh ne… Intezaar me Ravi Singh main villain me hai jo south film industry ke ek jaane maane brand hai aur waha ki badi badi filmo me apne Acting se logo ko apna fan banaya hai… Koylanchal jaise film me Ravi Singh ne alag disha di apne look ko abhi haal me he unki Netflix par web series class of 83 Release hui hai jisme unka bahut turning point wala charecter hai… Aur baki sath me aur bhi acche actors hai jaise madhvendra Jha jo ki TV serial me jana mana name hai aur Model Arjun intezaar se bollywood me kadam rakh rahe hai jo ki isme Michel ke charecter me najar aayege…

Intezaar ki shooting bahut he acche locations par hui hai …Auli jaise hil station par barf ke bich me minus tamperature me song shoot kiya gaya hai iska…iske gaane bollywood ke mashhoor singers Yaseer Desai, D’dalz ne gaye hai…Jo aane wale samay me audience ke sar chadh kar bolega…

INTEZAAR koi aane ko hai ek asi horror hai jo audience ko bandh kar rakhegi…  Actor Raj Kumar rao ki stree film se horror ka ek alag look and feel dekhne ko mila audience ko abhi same Intezaar me waise he kuch alag aur intresting dekhne ko milega jo ki typo horror se alag apne ko present karegi…

Intezaar film ko sourya music international aur PS Film Craft international ne mil kar banaya hai jo ki aise he filmo ke liye jaane jaate hai… Is production ki film ACID jo January me release hui thi aur abhi Intezaar aa rahi hai aur VEBBI ki shooting Manali me puri ki hai… Alag experimental film ke liye ye Production jana jata hai…

Intezaar bahut jald aapko ke bich me theatre khulte he aayegi aur bade OTT platform par najar aayegi…


Actor man Singh & Priyanka Singh aur Intezaar ke puri cast & crew ko hamare taraf se bahut bahut badhai ye film darshako ko bahut pasand aayegi…iska trailer ka look bahut jald Release hone wala hai aage aap ke bich me is film ki update lekar aayeg. P.R.Promotion by  DSA BOLLYWOOD CHANNEL

Kamala Harris’s Rise Sends A Message Of Hope To Young Girls Of Colour And Every Immigrant In The US – Tel K Ganesan

Kamala Harris’s Rise Sends A Message Of Hope To Young Girls Of Colour And Every Immigrant In The US – Tel K Ganesan

US State Senator, politician, lawyer and Vice-Presidential running mate Kamala Devi Harris has scripted history by being the first Indian-American or African-American woman to be appointed as the Vice-Presidential running mate.

It is a known fact that Kamala Harris has a huge support base in the Indian-American community. Indian-born Hollywood producer, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur Tel K Ganesan is excited at the power push for the senator as it “sends a message of hope to young girls of colour, and any immigrant, for that matter.”

Ganesan, who met Harris at Detroit, Michigan during her political run for the primary race of the Democratic presidential ticket, avers that Harris is “high energy, positive, upbeat and a bubbly person.” Ganesan had an instant connect with her. “We shared wonderful, happy moments. She is very friendly. It is much like talking to a friendly neighbour.” Both Ganesan and Harris’s mother Shyamala Gopalan hail from Chennai. “We very briefly spoke in Tamil – vanakkam and nandri. We did talk about sambar,” he grins.

Though Harris considers herself black, she has also spoken of her Indian roots. Harris has worked in international development around the world and return to live in villages throughout India in the mid-90s. Her matrilineal family of strong South Indian women has always been her inspiration. Her mother is a Tamilian from Chennai, and had moved to the US for higher studies. Her father is Donald Harris, of Jamaican descent. Ganesan is very proud of Harris’s achievement. “As an immigrant, it is a great inspiration. She already has a track record of breaking barriers. She started off as the first person of color in the office of the district attorney in San Francisco as a tough prosecutor and later as California Attorney General before winning the Senate seat four years ago. Harris is also the first person of Indian descent to ever get on the presidential ticket. Harris amassed more than $35 million over 11 months despite challenges that black women candidates face in raising money.  If the Biden-Harris ticket wins, Harris will be the highest-ranking female US official in the country’s 244-year history. And it is not just that, Biden who would be 78 if he wins, might only serve a single four-year term, instantly making Harris a leading 2024 Democratic Presidential contender. She serves on several high-profile committees in the Senate including the Intelligence Committee and the Judiciary Committee.”

Ganesan believes that such a historic move is only possible in a country like the United States. “Hope fuels life and hope fuels opportunities. This will address the bottom-line issue of under-representation of women and minorities on US public company boards and will match the changing demographics we are experiencing in the country today.”


Statistics reveal that 42% of women in the US have faced gender discrimination at work. Even in the military, women represent 16% of the enlisted forces and 19% of the office corps. “Kamala Harris’s rise opens up the dream of women and minorities sharing the same power, privileges, rights and opportunities as the privileged and is a giant stride for women in politics. India and Pakistan have had women in political power, but for the US, this is a first. A person born of immigrant parents running for the second highest position in the land, shows us the impossible is possible. It reinforces that the American Dream is still alive and well.”

Autolligent Wins Maharashtra Government Award For Its RPA Software

Autolligent Wins Maharashtra Government Award For Its RPA Software

ServiceWire is E3 – Easy, Efficient & Economical solution for Field Service Management Using AI & Blockchain

Bengaluru, India 24 August 2020: Autolligent, a Robo Process Automation Start-up, was announced as one of the winners of the Maharashtra Start-up Week (MSW) 2020 contest conducted by Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS), a Government of Maharashtra initiative to boost start-up and innovation ecosystem in the State. Maharashtra Government would be piloting various innovative solutions in its departments

ServiceWire from Autolligent automates the Field service management using new-age technologies like AI and Blockchain. ServiceWire from Autolligent replicates the way a human would interact with an application or system and then automates and records that task in service management delivery. RPA solution generate instant ROI for clients, when compared to other solutions.

This is not the first recognition for Autolligent. It was selected as a part of the HexGn Startup Ready Program. A six-month online Startup Acceleration program by HexGn in partnership with Invest India (AGNIi, and Startup India) to boost technology-based entrepreneurs from India.

Autolligent has already run the Proof of Concept (POC) with RailTel Corporation of India, a Government of India enterprise providing broadband and VPN services. In the PoC, Autolligent automated field user management to increase efficiency and transparency of the service process.

Robo Process Automation with Blockchain and AI  is the way forward to streamline daily activities of SMB & Enterprises in the post COVID world, says Ms Patli, Founder and CEO of Autolligent.

Globally Robotic process automation market is growing at a CAGR of 29.8%. It is estimated to be $6.7 billion industry by 2026. “Many large enterprises have envisaged interest in automating the field service management as a Covid strategy” adds Mr Ebrahim Sonde, Head of Global Business & Strategy for Autolligent.

About Autolligent:

Autolligent enables clients to exploit technology for business transformation fully. It provides Robotic Process Automation to increase efficiency and effectiveness. For more information about this topic, do reach out at – info@autolligent.com

Contact: Autolligent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Website: www.autolligent.com

Email: Info@autolligent.com



Producer – Manoj Kumar

Proprietor – M Kumar Production

A new Hindi song Sun Le Zara

Featuring:-Prince Naveed Khan & Sana Khan

Releasing zee music

Production house Danish production & m kumar production

Produce by Danish & manoj kumar

Singer &composer: dushyant kumar

Lyrics : amitabh ranjan

Directed & cinematography by amit kumar Chandel

Line producer: vinay Bisht

Creative director: naaz Shaikh

Choreographer .ranjana vishwakarma

Prod: manager Shivam Singh

Editor: jk Parida

The song released on 28 August 2020 by Zee Music in India and worldwide through all digital media is be available online.

It is not every day we come across heart touching and romantic love songs, but Sun Le Zara is going to be one of a kind and without a doubt it will be a hit in the upcoming days. The concept of this song is heartwarming and unique and shall instantly form a connection with each and every person. It has been very thoughtfully designed and directed by our very own budding director, Mr. Amit Kumar Chandel

Need your blessings and support. Our producer Danish& manoj kumar has many upcoming promising new projects in his pockets that will be out soon. Also do wait for our new handsome hunk Prince Naveed Khan who will seen in many upcoming projects to steal your heart away. Please like, Subscribe and comment.


एक नया हिंदी गीत सुन ले जरा

विशेषता: -प्रिंस नावेद खान और सना खान

ज़ी म्यूजिक रिलीज़ करना

प्रोडक्शन हाउस डेनिश उत्पादन और एम कुमार उत्पादन

दानिश और मनोज कुमार द्वारा निर्मित

गायक और संगीतकार: दुष्यंत कुमार

गीत: अमिताभ रंजन

अमित कुमार चंदेल द्वारा निर्देशित और छायांकन

लाइन निर्माता: विनाय बिष्ट

क्रिएटिव डायरेक्टर: नाज़ शेख

कोरियोग्राफर .ranjana vishwakarma

प्रोडक्शन: मैनेजर शिवम सिंह

संपादक: जेके परिदा

यह गीत 28 अगस्त 2020 को ज़ी म्यूजिक द्वारा भारत और दुनिया भर में सभी डिजिटल मीडिया के माध्यम से जारी किया जाएगा और जल्द ही ऑनलाइन भी उपलब्ध होगा।

यह हर दिन नहीं है जब हम दिल को छूने वाले और रोमांटिक प्रेम गीतों पर आते हैं, लेकिन सन ले ज़ारा एक तरह का होने जा रहा है और इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है कि यह आगामी दिनों में एक हिट होगा।  इस गीत की अवधारणा हृदयविदारक और अद्वितीय है और प्रत्येक व्यक्ति के साथ तुरंत संबंध बनाएगी।  यह हमारे बहुत ही नवोदित निर्देशक, श्री अमित कुमार चंदेल द्वारा बहुत ही सोच-समझकर तैयार किया गया है

आपका आशीर्वाद और समर्थन चाहिए।  हमारे निर्माता दानिश और मनोज कुमार की आने वाली कई नई परियोजनाएं अपनी जेब में हैं जो जल्द ही खत्म हो जाएंगी।  इसके अलावा हमारे नए सुंदर हंक राजकुमार नवीद खान की प्रतीक्षा करें जो आपके दिल को दूर करने के लिए कई आगामी परियोजनाओं में दिखाई देंगे।  कृपया लाइक करें, कमेंट करें और कमेंट करें।



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