Pt. Maharshi Hardik Pathak – Master of Astrology Vaastu & Kavach Specialist

Omkar Jyotish & Vastu Anusandhan Kendra                      

When there is a problem, there’s a solution and Pt. Hardik C. Pathak is a right person to approach who is capable to remove all kind of obstacles and tensions from one’s life on personal and professional front, due to his vast Knowledge, experience and deep study in Astrology and Vaastu. Pt. Hardik C. Pathak is master      to tackle any kind of worries occurring in individual’s day to day life such as Business and Finance, Property and Home, Love and Marriage, Vaastu Solutions, Santan Prapti, Legal Matter, Health depression & stress, Career and Money, Protection from evil and obstacles, Aakarshan attraction for fame and so on.

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One of the leading consultants of Jyotish Shatra and Vaastu Shastra in India, Pt. Hardik C. Pathak is the founder of Omkar Jyotish and Vastu Anusadhan Kendra. He started studying astrology at a tender age of 9, and when he was crossed 11 years, achieved a ‘Padvi of Acharya of 108 Kundi Maha-Yagha in Rajasthan. Pt. Hardik C. Pathak does his best to satisfy problems of his clients due to his expert knowledge in Astrology and Vaastu. Apart from common man Pt. Hardik Pathak has also solved cases of umpteen VIP’s, celebs from music and entertainment industry and people connected with politics for eg. 12 MLA candidates whos won seats during election in Maharashtra. His in-depth knowledge in the above mention field and research of many years has made him achieved this honor of being of an aura and protection Kavach specialist.

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An Aura specialist Maharshi Hardik C. Pathak, who does all kind of Aura work which is 100% achievement and target oriented work. In India there are 7 people who are expert in this field and have distributed various states among them in which Maharshi Hardik C Pathak is the incharge of Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Moreover, he also works on eradicating Negative Energy and replacing it with Positive. He is also one of the leading consultants of Jyotish Shastra and Vaastu Shastra in India. According to Hardik C. Pathak, nothing is impossible as impossible itself says I am possible.

All your problems will be solved with the blessings and guidance of

Pt. Hardik Pathak on 0919821787155 & 0919870341144

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